Understanding What Drives Customers to Make Choices 

  • They've done their homework
  • They've heard good things abut the product or service
  • They perceive good value
  • Someone they know has recommended


Understanding What Motivates Customers to Return

  • They've had a good experience
  • They received good value
  • They became a fan

Understanding What Moves Customers to Recommend

  • They had a least three good experiences
  • They continue to perceive a value
  • They seek validation of their choices

How We Work

    We work in partnership and are guided by our principles. 

    We listen, probe and inquire. 

    We study, learn and craft a plan.

    We're honest, timely and dependable.

    We inspire, motivate and celebrate

    We make a difference.

Our Mission

Our mission, plain and simple, is to help customers acquire and maintain long-term profitable customer relationships. 

Our Philosophy

We believe spending hard earned capital for engaging potential customers is a waste unless there is a plan in place to make customers loyal fans. It's our full-circle communications approach that embraces the three key elements of customer acquisition and retention: 

   1. Driving Customer Choice

   2. Motivating Customer Return

   3. Inspiring Customer Retention

Most agencies know how to drive customer choice. But few help clients with a plan to motivate customer return. In the end, if a customer is unwilling to recommend a product or service by putting their reputation on the line, then the cost of acquisition is lost. 

Research indicates it costs more to replace a customer that it does to retain and nurture the relationship. 


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